It’s in hard times when the wise get their instructions for greatness, whilst the losers see obstructions. It’s when you swim upstream where your muscles go stronger and bigger. In life we go through trying or challenging times. We all have a share of our problems or plights as long as we are still breathing. Some people have taken those problems and turned them into profits. True success is not measured by how much money we might have, even though that might be a manifestation of wealth, but by the attitude we take when we are going through storms.

Stay focused
Problems make some people not to think properly or straight. Instead of thinking about the power of possibilities, they think about the power of their problems. Focus on what has to be your success. The sub-conscious mind works this way: We become what we constantly think about, and not what we might wish for. Tony Robbins says: “Keep your goals in front of you and your fears behind you.” Focus on developing yourself! In order to start living your life, start doing what you love the most amidst the hardships. Learn to dance through the storms.

Stay regimented
When the storm hits, stay disciplined; don’t quit. A lot happens in a storm. You might decide to quit, but think twice. Storms make us stronger. Truth be told, problems are lessons. As hard times hit, there are people that you must, at all cost, avoid. There are doubters; these are people that tell you that you won’t win, just quit before you are finished. There are talkers. These are people that talk too much, but they don’t give you the solutions to come out a winner. They divert your focus with uncouth, baseless and negative words. Acidic people: There are people that are always negative. When we are going up a mountain, we need sheer leaders. There are those that are past-minded. They have reference points as to when and where you fell. They are good at pointing at what you failed at and attribute it to you failing in the future. Lastly there is a group of despisers. They will make you feel very low and out. When you think big, some people think you are crazy, but until such a time they will see you taking awards.
Remember: Most people are afraid that you will become great, that is why they want you to stay with them in their gossip, small talk, and small-thinking mindsets. Don’t waste your time on what other people think about you. That’s an extra job, work on your craft until you are on the crest.

Make yourself ready
Opportunities are well received by prepared people. As we go through hard times, we have this confidence that, one day a good opportunity will come, but it will only be relevant to those that are prepared. Winning in hard times takes people that are emotionally strong. As we speak, there are people that will sit and complain, whilst others are working on their life. When a season of abundance comes, the prepared reap from it bountifully.
Talking about preparation at a financial workshop hosted by Wealthy Word Ministries recently, one of the speakers, Vusa Siqalaba, pointed to the great key of preparation. He said preparation is key to success. Poor preparation brings poor results. Success is, loves preparation; therefore, success is married to preparation. The best guarantee for success is great preparation. He further pointed out that opportunity comes to all of us, whether you are ready or not ready. Preparation applies in all facets of life: monetarily, medically, mentally, spiritually, physically and educationally.

Stop it!
As a country we are in a dire situation economically and that’s in the public domain, but does that give us an allowance to complain? There is nothing that changes in blaming your outer circumstances such as the economy, but everything changes as soon as you tap from your hidden potential. It’s not mainly what happens to us that is dangerous, but what happens in us.

Who are you following?
There is nothing new under the sun, says the Wiseman. The problems you may be facing someone might have gone through them. As a result, don’t hit on more walls blindly. To be successful in life, don’t do what the majority do. The majority are lazy to think, they don’t want to work hard, they think life will give them a fortune, they don’t read, they watch too much television; they sleep too much and are afraid to fail. They take the seemingly easy road. Do you know where they will end? In a hard life: broke, poor, miserable, mediocre, unsatisfied and someone will offer you a job to help them fulfil their own dream. Know who you learn from as you face challenges.

Change your eye glasses
Limitations are only present in the mind. The same mind can learn to see possibilities. It’s hard to change the world, but it’s possible to change “you”, especially on how you see things. At times we see the world from a wrong perspective. We wear dirty glasses and that taints how we see things. At times, it’s not so bad out there, but we are bad inside. We must clean our glasses that we use to view life.

Parting point:
You have two choices, either to live a mediocre life or a mega one and to see hardships from a better shade of light. The way to spend your life is how you are going to be remembered. All of us go through hard times, but the successful come out hardened to be winners in life. Joel Osteen says: “You’re going to go through tough times — that’s life. But I say, “Nothing happens to you, it happens for you. See the positive in negative events”

Article by Jonah Nyoni (An author, success coach and leadership trainer. He is the author of Inspiration for Success and Success Within Reach.) Email: Twitter: @jonahnyoni. Cell: +263 772 581 918)

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