Smelly Dube | 2016 National Businesswoman of the year Winner

1. Tell us more about who Smelly Dube is?
Dr Smelly Dube is a dedicated family woman and business person who aspires to provide the best quality service and attain the best results.

2. What time do you wake up and how long is your working day?
I wake up at 3am to pray and my working day is close to 12 hours, sometimes even more than that.

3.We notice you are family person, tell us a bit about your family.
I am happily married to Mncedisi Dube and I am blessed with two children, a girl and a boy.

4. You are an inspiration to many business people how has been your journey to where you are now?
It hasn’t been an easy journey but I strive for excellence and when I set my goals I make sure I see them through.

5. What motivated you to get into this line of business?
I had a vision to provide decent housing for all Zimbabweans thus I ventured into land development to provide serviced land to people to allow them to be home owners.

6.Growing up, did you ever envision yourself being where you are today?
Yes, I have always had a vision of becoming a prominent business person as I was inspired by my father who was a business man when I was growing up.

7.What is your opinion on the Zimbabwean industry, the economy and general performances of all the sectors?
I think the Zimbabwean Industry, economy and general performance of all sectors will grow, its just a matter of time and dedication.

8. You are the Megafest reigning National Business woman of the year 2016 and a remarkable accolade given to the best, how did you feel when you were crowned?
I felt honoured and humbled to have been selected out of many other successful women in the country.

9. What advise can you give to entrepreneurs who are also in business?
To be focused, have high self-esteem and to set goals and achieve them and never give up on their dreams.

10. What do you think should be done to improve the professionalism across industries in Zimbabwe?
In the industry business people should be honest, and have set principles that will govern day to day running of business.

11. What are some of the key principles that you have been applying to run your business for the past years?
Honesty, integrity, promise keeping, being trustworthy, law abiding and respect for others.

12. They say leaders are readers, what books are you still reading?
Leadership books like T.D Jakes’ book, God’s leading lady, The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B Clialdini, and The story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell and Christian books by T.B Joshua.

13. How do you feel about your achievements so far?  
I would like to thank God for all the achievements I have attained so far. I feel happy and encouraged to achieve more as I grow business wise and as an individual.

14. What separates you from everyone,in other words what makes Smelly unique, what sets you apart from everyone?
I am an enthusiastic goal achiever and I don’t look down upon myself and other people. When I see myself, I see Deborah in the bible. She was chosen to lead both women and men at a difficult time. I am also compassionate and willing to learn.

15. On a lighter note, what car do you drive?
I drive a Suzuki MR Wagon, because I don’t really like big cars.

16. What kind of music do you like?  Gospel Music.

17. What is your favorite food?
Traditional foods especially amacimbi.

18. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?  Spending time with family and exercising.

19. What are your future plans?
I aspire to continue with philanthropic work. I am looking at providing a hospital and shelter for the less privileged.

20. To close our interview, what would you say to those women and men who look up to you, admire and aspire to be like you?
I urge them to stay focused and aim to achieve their goals no matter the circumstances.