Juliet Ziswa | 2017 Outstanding Marketing Leader of the Year Winner

A Transformational Leader, Business Strategist, Marketing Maverick & Conference Speaker, Juliet has 17 years of local and international exposure in business, marketing and speaking engagements.

She joined NetOne as an Executive Marketing in October 2015. The biggest mandate was to be part of the team that is transforming NetOne to deliver profitable growth through relevant marketing oriented executions. This would also aid in repositioning the NetOne brand & it’s imagery in order to build Brand Love & Affinity.

Here are some of the key practical notable activities: –

1. Transformation Through Internal Marketing: Turning Internal Employees into Brand Ambassadors.
First step of all great marketing executions is to get internal employees to buy into the organisation and the vision. It is always frustrating for employees to hear their company adverts on Radio or see these in the papers.

Juliet introduced a systematic and institutionalised internal employee communication process of ALL campaigns via the following simple platforms:
• Physical Internal Launch Events.
• Internal Newsletters: Launched an Internal Newsletter to engage with employees.
• Email Update: Utilising the internal email platform called OneChat in order to deliver and update the organisation on products services and activities.
• Company wide WhatsApp groups and updates:
• SMS updates: Use of Internal NetOne SMS platform to communicate with employees.
• Distributing T-shirts to ALL NetOne employees through HR department.
• Internal Marketing fosters a sense of pride in the organisation and its products and services.
This drives Word of Mouth in the communities the employees live in. One of the major reasons why brands/activities don’t do well in the market place is the lack of internal buy in.

2. New Product Launches
Below are some of the new products and services brought to life in the past year. These have added not only revenue but they have also brought excitement in the market.

3. Market Visibility through 360degrees Customer Touch-points
NetOne is actively visible in the market as products and services are brought to life across touch points. This has been very consistent in the past year.
a). Above The Line Communication: via Print Advertising, Radio communication & Out Of Home.

b). Online Presence & Visibility: NetOne has refreshed and revamped the Social Media presence.
Customers are engaging via the Social Media Platforms to drive customer relationship.
• Active Online advertising: NetOne is actively advertising with Online Publications.

c). Campaigns and Promotions: NetOne is participating in nationwide promotions like the OK Grand Challenge.

d). Experiential Marketing: Meaningful Road shows with clarity on objectives & expected output for example ‘Igniting Mbiri Yedu’.