2017 Megafest Awards Nominations

Megafest Business Awards is pleased to announce the 2017 Business Awards Nomination Process. The prestigious Business Awards are held annually as a way of recognizing, developing and promoting professional business acumen at all business levels. Megafest will break the Awards into segments namely: Women’s Awards, Leadership Awards, Bulawayo & Southern Region Business Awards, Harare & Northern Region Business Awards, National Business Awards, and the Zimbabwe’s Top 20 (Organisations, Women & Men).


Any Director, CEO, Manager, or company whether private or public is eligible to be in the running for the Megafest Business Awards through nominations invited during the first quarter of each year through press adverts as well as through the Megafest database of members and managers from both the private and public sectors.

Adverts are placed in the local newspapers calling for nominations and once nominations are received, the nominee is advised of this nomination and then invited to make a submission following a set criteria that is used by the adjudication panel.

Each year, the response by the general public to the call for nominations is very encouraging and a very healthy number of nominees proceed to submit their profiles for the categories on offer.

Selection Criteria

The Nominee should have made a significant contribution to their organization with regards to management and professional excellence in Zimbabwe.

The person should be making a continuous, noteworthy contribution in the search for management excellence, or the person should have been involved in a once-off event which would have brought long-term benefits to the nation and should be held up as an example and inspiration for others to emulate.

Subjective criteria includes non-statistical factors such as,
a. Management of people, tasks, processes and the macro-environment fundamentals.
b. Recognition by internal and external stakeholders.
c. Human Resources Development and Leadership