Business Awards



Megafest Business Awards are held annually as a way of recognizing, developing and promoting professional business acumen at all business levels. These awards were introduced in 2008 as part of Dr. T.P. Matsika’s (CEO of Megafest Holdings) doctorate research and have been a common feature ever since and are supported  through donations and sponsorship. Since then several well-known business people, managers and corporates in Zimbabwe have been recipients of the Premier and Prestigious Megafest Awards.

The awards are available for presentation each year to personalities and corporates who, in the opinion of the Megafest Business Council, have made outstanding contribution to the development of the Zimbabwean economy. An independent Adjudication Panel set up by the Council of Megafest adjudicates on nominees and declare the award winners in various categories.

The vision is to recognise high standards, service excellence and development within the Zimbabwean economy. These awards are very important to us as they are meant to recognise and honour luminaries of the Zimbabwean industry as a whole, for their outstanding contribution, exceptional efforts and achievements in their respective fields.

“We believe the awards also encourage healthy competition among the Zimbabwean business people and players with the aim of growth within the Zimbabwean economy.
We are also taking this opportunity to acknowledge the services and duties carried out by the organisations and individuals in the industry as a whole.”

There is no doubt that over the years, competition stimulated by the Megafest Awards has strengthened professional  business management and upgrading of services in the whole country, as individuals and companies try to outwit each other.


Awards can come in many forms, from the pomp and ceremony of award shows and trophies to ones where the winner does not receive a prize in the conventional sense but instead gains from the prestige that it brings the firm. There are so many benefits to entering awards. Not only are they a fantastic way to gain recognition from industry peers but they also showcase your company, showing customers and clients that you’re one of the best in the market.

The benefits don’t just stop there though. Alongside the obvious, gaining a credible third party endorsement of a product, service or company can help increase sales, enhance reputation and generate growth. It’s very easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day management minutiae and forget to celebrate your successes. An award win can be an incredible morale boost especially in times of recession. Some awards also create a buzz in the press industry, and are therefore worth pursuing if you hope to gain some attraction in the media.

In general what’s great about the way awards work is that you tend not to be judged on profit margins or how well known you are. Most of the time it’s about that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ – having that unique quality within the market or making a difference to those around you. So whatever size your business is, you can compete with firms of all shapes and sizes and still stand your ground.


The Megafest Business Awards are your opportunity to shine and demonstrate you are an outstanding Zimbabwean business.

The Megafest Business Awards connect the nations’ business leaders through its annual ceremony and year-round thought leadership programme to celebrate enterprise excellence.

  • The award is a great opportunity to raise your profile within the management community, helping to accelerate your management career as well as gaining recognition and acknowledgment for your skills.
  • It’s a great achievement, conferring tremendous prestige on the individual nominated as well as their company.
  • Taking part also offers a springboard to career progression.
  • This competition differs from other industry awards as it is designed and judged by the people who matter – the customers.
  • Creates a unique opportunity to challenge existing stereotypes, understand emerging trends and add value to organizations aiming to commercialize and apply new and innovative concepts.
  • Crucial in unveiling the perception of the market concerning your organization.
  • Disseminating information about your company to various stakeholders and is also a very effective promotional tool.
  • It is a continuous process that seeks to enhance personal and company image as it moves into the future.
  • Reassurance and reinforcement to stakeholders that they are dealing with a strong recognized up Market Company.
  • Attracts, retains and enhances a productive workforce. Everybody wants to be associated with the best.